The Original Wooden Dummy is beautifully hand-crafted, free-standing wooden dummy. Each of our wooden dummies are made with high quality Australian timber and offer unique design, adjustability and portability. We pride ourselves on customising every wooden dummy to your personal specifications. Every one of our customers appreciates the attention to detail and beauty of their dummy. You will love training with an Original Wooden Dummy. Our small workshop is based in Sydney, Australia. We are simply passionate about martial arts and working with beautiful timber. See the specifications (including height, weight etc) here.

  • Locally hand-made made in Australia
  • Australian Timber from sustainable sources
  • Simply tell us what you like
  • Compact design – great for small areas
  • Hand-crafted, easy set-up (no tools required)
  • Transportable (take your dummy with you) – perfect for instructors
  • Only supplier in Sydney of hand-made, customisable wooden dummies
  • Delivery Available – $60 within Sydney. Speak to us for a quote for other areas of Australia

Our Original Wooden Dummy costs $1200

Why would I pay $1200 when I can buy a cheaper dummy elsewhere?

We acknowledge that our dummies are not the cheapest on the market. We are not trying to compete with other businesses. We differ from our competitors as we are creating a customised dummy that is hand-made specifically for you.

All of our customers have commented that the Original Wooden Dummy is an investment. Why pay say $200 less and receive a dummy off a factory line that looks and feels the same as the next persons? We think that for your investment, you not only will receive a customised dummy but also a piece of art.

A customised dummy will help your training by:

  • Allowing you to feel more comfortable moving around the dummy and maintaining the correct distance
  • Your forms will flow much better
  • You will not over reach or feel cramped when training
  • You will feel great training knowing that your dummy has been set-up for you
  • We want to provide all of our clients with a personalised, comfortable and exciting training experience.

Instructor / Family Model Only $1500

We are very excited at OWD to offer our clients an Instructor / Family model. This dummy allows people of varying heights to train on the one dummy. Simply move the arms into a lower or higher position. This is perfect for instructors, families or training centres. We love it!

As practising martial artists, we appreciate the diverse range of training styles and body shapes. We specialise in customising the dummy to suit your needs with consideration to your body shape, space the dummy will be located (e.g. small room in a unit) and taste in design. Everybody is unique, so why settle for a one size fits all wooden dummy? This is where we differ to other dummies on the market. Your Original Wooden Dummy will be specifically hand built for you.

Customer service and superior quality (with a lifetime guarantee) are what we pride ourselves on. Contact us today to discuss what you require so we can begin to build your customised dummy – not just another dummy off the factory line.

Go ahead and give me a call, text or email today and happy training.

Ian and Brad – Creators of Original Wooden Dummy Australia – 0414 613135

Ian and Brad

 Original Wooden Dummy

2 thoughts on “Australia’s only Customisable Wooden Dummy built specifically for you.

  1. Hi
    My name is Vincent , iam interested in your dummy, iam 5 foot and 10 inches tall, would your standard wooden dummy fit me?

    Do you mind to send me a full spec of your standard dummy .

    A question for you please, a wooden dummy is normally about 80kg ( from Hong Hong), it seems that toys dummy us much lighter thank this, any reason why please?


    1. Hi Vincent,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Yes the standard dummy would be suitable for you. We would need your navel height (ground to belly button) and you have given me your height which is the other measurement we would need. We then build a dummy to your measurements. This way you get a wooden dummy that specifically meets your requirements, not one ‘off the factory floor’. We would also make any other modifications you require. For full specs see Keep in mind that you dummy will vary slightly in accordance with your specific measurements.

      We have been very busy over the past month. Ian is currently finishing off a dummy for a store in South Australia. I could put you next on the build list so you can receive your dummy sooner. Just let me know.

      In terms of toy dummies, I must admit I am not familiar with these. Our Original Wooden Dummies are extremely solid, durable and can withstand heavy knocks (if this is your style of training). I’m happy to chat more about this. By no means are our Original Wooden Dummies ‘toy dummies.’

      All the best and I hope we can supply you with not only a wooden dummy, but a high quality, hand-made dummy that you would be proud to have in your home. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

      All the best,


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